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Sri Ramakrishna Hablaba Así: -(23)-1/10/13-In Spanish and English. Con T...

Sri Ramakrishna Hablaba Así: -(23)-1/10/13- In Spanish and English. Con Tonaditas. Las trampas para un preceptor (Duración:2.31).

"What do you think of the man who is a good orator and preacher, but whose spiritual powers are undeveloped? He is like the person who squanders another's property entrusted to him. He can easily advise others, for it costs him nothing since the ideas he expresses are not his own but borrowed. (Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna: Page 61, No.170.)

(Bengali transliterated):
Ramakrishna-das-dasi buke Sri Ramakrishna birajita;
Satchidananda Ishta Nam-Rup-Mantre prakashita.
(En Español): Sri Ramakrishna mora en el corazón de Sus sirvientes y servidoras. El Ideal Espiritual Satchidananda se manifiesta en el Nombre, Forma y el Mantra. 

Saranagata jane Tar kripa matratita;
Thakur sarba-gunadhar, Thakur sarba-gunatita.*
(En Español): Su gracia para Sus refugiados es desbordante. Thakur es el receptáculo de todas las cualidades. Thakur es más allá de todas las cualidades.

English Translation: 
Sri Ramakrishna dwells in the hearts of His servants. The spiritual Ideal Satchidananda is manifested in the Name, Form and Mantra. His grace, for those who have taken shelter in Him, is overwhelming. Thakur is the reservoir of all qualities. Thakur is beyond all qualities.

* Poema escrito en Bengali por 'Ramakrishna-Tyagi' (Renunciante por Ramakrishna)